The rediscovery of earth building is happening now! TERRA Award – the international award for contemporary building with earth – brings forth spectacular and advanced examples of this new movement. The projects showcase new developed construction practice, which has the potential to influence our built environment and the relationship between humans and material. The TERRA Award was commissioned by: Dominique Gauzin-Müller, production: amàco (atelier matières à construire) & MUSEO, scientific commitee: Patrice Doat, Laetitia Fontaine, Hubert Guillaud.
> Terra Award

The project group “Think Earth!” will be showing the TERRA Award nominees and winners in conjunction with current Swiss earth building positions in an exhibition tour. Furthermore visitors can learn more about research on timber / straw / earth prefab modules and a photographic documentation shows contemporary and historical Swiss rammed earth buildings. A varied accompanying program with talks, workshops and demonstrations will be online soon. The exhibition will tour:

September 21 to September 24, 2017, Berne
October 30 to November 6, 2017, Zurich >
January 16 to January 20, 2018, Basle.
> Exhibition Think Earth!

Contents of the exhibition
– Grounded Materials
– TERRA Award – projects and techniques
– IG Lehm pavillon
– slide show zoë circular building
– Think Earth! videos
– brick bar with „Vielseitigkeit Lehm“ – portrait of Swiss earth construction scene
– slide show rammed earth in France and in Switzerland (historic and contemporary examples)
– Think Earth! making of (documentation of the workshop)

The elements of the exhibition will be manufactured within a workshop:

  • Think Earth! is an earth and straw building workshop organised by IG Lehm and stroh+paille+paglia from August 7th to August 11th, 2017 in Seewen / Basle. It is open for students, teachers, craftsmen, artists and architects.
    Workshop Think Earth!


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During five ateliers participants will practice prefab straw bale, light clay, rammed earth walls, compressed earth blocks and clay plastering. Introductions on basic material properties, construction methods and principles will be given by experts from IG Lehm and Craterre.
The results of the practical work will be used to build a showcase pavillon for the exhibition „Think Earth!“ to be shown in Berne, Zurich and Basle.
Daily morning Yoga sessions will give you the perfect preparation for the trainings. (optional)

Daily lectures by Giulia Scialpi, Lukas Baumann, Thomas Dimov et al.

Festival Think Earth!
On Friday the event will be open for the public: guided tours and presentation of the workshops, live music.

Seewen is located 15 km south of Basle. The workshop will take place at the „Lehmwerk“ earth building factory with a splendid view on the landscape.
Address: Bödeli 12, 4206 Seewen

Please fill out the form below and transfer the participation fee.
Deadline: July 31, 2017
Think Earth! is open to all students, teachers, craftsmen, artists and architects.
With your application you agree with the terms and conditions of participation.

Participation 230 Euro / 250 CHF
(IG Lehm members free)
Board & lodging 230 Euro / 250 CHF
(camping – bring your own tent, breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Other boarding possibilities on request.

Payable until 31.07.17
Refunding of already paid participation fees is only possible with a medical certificate.
Payments to: IG Lehm Zürich IBAN CH11 0900 0000 8005 2620 4

Arrival and Departure
Travelling to and from Seewen / SO to be organized and paid individually. There are regular trains and buses. Arrival day is Sunday 07.08.17, departure day is Saturday 11.08.17.
The workshop program starts on Monday 07.08.17, 10 am and ends on Friday 11.08.17 with a farewell party in the evening.


IG Lehm

zoë circular building gmbh

Flyer Workshop Think Earth!

Flyer Workshop Think Earth!_german

Please note: The application will only be valid by transfering the participation fee within the deadline (see above)!

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Think Earth! is a joint project of IG Lehm (project group: Doris Müller, Christiane Löffler, Arwed Junginger, Adrian Baumberger, Thomas Gisin, Thomas Dimov) and ETH Zürich, Nachhaltiges Bauen (Prof. Guillaume Habert). zoë circular building gmbh (Thomas Dimov, Tabea Grob, Giulia Scialpi) and Sabine Ziegler Projects (Sabine Ziegler) are commissioned to organise the exhibition in Berne, Zurich and Basle. zoë circular building gmbh is commissioned to organise the Workshop in Seewen / Basle. stroh+paille+paglia (Michèle Brand, Frank Brauer, Thomas Dimov) is partnering the workshop in Seewen / Basle.

Dominique Gauzin-Müller, CRAterre and amàco have taken the initiative, under the auspices of the UNESCO Chair “Earthen architecture, constructive cultures and sustainable development”, to launch the TERRA Award. The TERRA Award exhibition is produced by amàco (atelier matières à construire) and MUSEO. Dominique Gauzin-Müller is the curator of the exhibition, along with the scientific committee : Patrice Doat, Laetitia Fontaine, Hubert Guillaud.

Sabine Ziegler gauzin-müller guillaume-habert thomas_foto
Sabine Ziegler, Dominique Gauzin-Müller, Guillaume Habert, Thomas Dimov


Please leave your contact details to receive information on the Think Earth! projects.

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